Thursday, November 12, 2009


saw this brinks home security commercial. it opens with a girl in her thirties seeing her other thirty-something year-old friends out of her house after a small get-together. she turns to this blond guy and goes "it was nice to meet you, a.j." a.j. shyly goes "yeah, you too." she points at her friend and mouths "who is that guy?" her friend mouths back "i dunno." a few seconds later he's at her back door. she goes "a.j.?" he has this huge frown on his face and punches in her window. the alarm goes off. alright, aside from being a comically stupid and far-fetched scenario who the hell lets some random dude dressed in a flannel into their house and then lets him hang out for hours on end without saying anything. "oh, these hickory smoked nuts are delicious. stop me before i eat the whole bowl." "hehe i know. creepy guy, would you like some nuts?" "i'm gonna smell you." "what?" "nothing."

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  1. You've been scooped, ya bitch-ass trick!