Saturday, July 30, 2016

just fucking vote for hillary (a public service announcement)

just fucking vote for hillary. seriously. i was all for sanders and now that he's out of the picture i'm voting for hillary. and i don't want to have to explain to republicans why they shouldn't vote for a man who is BY DEFINITION (as in the dictionary) a fascist and is endorsed by neo-nazis. and i don't want to have to explain to liberals looking to vote third party why all this armchair proletariat shit they're trying to pull will propel a man into the white house who will CRIPPLE everything they're trying to achieve and make their situation astronomically worse. i don't want to explain it because it's obvious. and i shouldn't have to explain obvious things to adults. and if you still wanna go "fuck you lee. you only strengthened my resolve" then fine. come visit me in canada when you need a job because the US dollar is as worthless as the steaks your dipshit president tried to sell on sharper image. cus that's where i'm taking my family and headed if my other option is living in a country that has to utter the phrase "donald trump is my president." cus while i'm proud to be an american there's no way i can proudly say that. none of you should be able to say that and keep a straight face. that's one thing we all have in common. in fact let's all come together and unite behind that. there. problem solved. hillary's president. we all don't die. now let's talk about a cubs world series.